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ZAHO WCB Self-Acting Temperature Control Valve

Carbon Steel Self Acting Temperature Control Valve – PN16


ZAHO SA-16 Self-Operating Temperature Control Valve is widely used in all kinds of domestic hot water, heating, and heat exchanger equipment such as Air-Preheater and Heating Coil. Suitable to use for Kernel Air-Preheater and Hot Water Tank application.

Note: Mating flange and Bolt&Nut are excluded

ZAHO Cast Steel Inverted Bucket Trap

IB 680686F SERIES MOP: UP TO 41BARG @ 345°C

MODEL: IB 680685F

Cast steel Inverted Bucket, focusing on increasing energy efficiency and one of the most reliable steam traps. It is suitable to use for superheated steam applications such as steam separator for steam turbine, steam mainline drainage. Commonly used in Petrochemicals, Palm Oil Mills, and Power Plants.

ZAHO Cast Iron Inverted Bucket Trap

IB-980 , 991 , 40 SERIES MOP: UP TO 17BARG @ 207°C

Model: IB-980 , 991

The Cast Iron Inverted Bucket Steam Trap is highly efficient, energy-saving, inexpensive cost and known for long service life, high versatility, suitable for low-pressure main steam pipes and various types of application such as Heat Exchangers, Air Pre-Heaters, and Storage Tank.

ZAHO Thermodynamic Steam Trap


Typical Application:
Main steam pipeline and heat tracing pipeline: TD40 series thermodynamic steam traps are usually used in the branch pipelines of steam main lines and steam supply lines. The steam trap valve body is fitted with an internal strainer as to protect the trap valve seat from damage against debris, dirts, and welding slug. This product is mainly used in heat tracing and steam main pipelines. In addition, it can also be used in outdoor areas that may be for superheated steam pipes

ZAHO Stainless Steel Steam Injector -launching soon-

The best choice for water tank and boiler deaerator heating


ZAHO INJ steam injector is suitable to use for heating water tank e specially for domestic hot water 

When running, the steam enters to injector body directly fro m the steam pipework and from the injector body, it creates vacuum pressure which causes the cold liquid to be drawn into the injector through the orifice ports .

The liquid is mixed with the steam inside the injector and distribute hot liquid throughout t he tank to ensure quiet, less vibration and efficient in heating

ZAHO Steam Ball Valve

2 Piece Body Carbon Steel Steam Ball Valve 2000PSI


ZAHO SBV-2 Ball Valve is suitable for most industrial fluids such as compressed air, water and steam applications that is compatible to the bod y and seat/ seal material. 

It is re commended to use at steam trap set as isolation purposes. 

ZAHO Forged Steel Globe Valve



ZAHO FSV Series is a linear type of regulating valves which is suitable to use for regulating the flow control. It is a stop valve that suitable for industrial fluids such as: steam, gas, hot condensate, and liquid.

ZAHO Cast Steel Strainer

Cast Steel Y-Strainer – Screwed BSP & Flanged ANSI300


ZAHO Fig 300 is suitable to arrest welding slug, debris, impurity particles in the pipeline, protect critical equipment such as steam traps, pressure reducing valves, control valve, and etc.